Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Parish International Festival

Our Parish International Festival will be held on May 16th and 17th.

And our parish can use your help.

If you are interested please give the church office a call at 818-363-2535.

Come and get involved with your parish. Make the parish a part of your life again!

Raffle Tickets: A Chair and Support person.
Silent Auction: Putting baskets together, collecting items.
Decorations: Putting banners up around the grounds
Working the festival: in any capacity.
Publicity: Program and placing ads.
Church Ministries: Please consider helping and show your ministries

Please consider getting involved!

Call the parish office for more information.
Or Click Here to purchase tickets or make a donation.
Or post a comment below to ask questions, offer help or even just to make suggestions, etc.


Joe Smith and family said...

My entire family would like to help. Please count us in - me and my wife plus our four teenaged children. Let us know how we can best get started.

The Robertsons from St. Martha next door said...

If this is as good as last years. this will be a blast! we will be back! We can announce this in our St. Martha parish next door. Just let us know what you want to say.